Our Story

An independent property management services company with high aspirations – to end homelessness
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Our Story

During the past fifteen years, we have become a leading provider of accommodation services. Find out more about our journey so far, and our primary mission to end homelessness in the UK.

Founded in 2006, we initially started as a traditional estate agent, servicing private tenants and landlords in north London.



In 2009, we identified a need for quality housing for local authorities, housing associations and charities in the private sector.


We switched focus, approaching various organisations about their requirements and building properties to help them meet the high demand for accommodation, particularly for the homeless.


Councils reported a huge shortfall in ‘quality’ properties; consequently, we went above and beyond what was expected – building brand new accommodation and refurbishing older buildings, to create self-contained units and high-specification accommodation.


From day one, we have been determined to be more than just a property company. Our mantra is to provide enhanced support to tenants from a range of challenging backgrounds and our staff are committed to treating people with the utmost respect, care and understanding.


In December 2012, we embarked on the next phase of our journey – to build 300 accommodation units a year, for the private sector.


Each year, we have exceeded our targets.

Today, we have built over 2,780 units and delivered homes to more than 7,500 tenants. We are proud of that achievement and we will continue to work with local authorities, communities and charitable organisations to help people from around the UK get the support they need.


However, there is still a huge amount for us to do and the problems facing the housing market have only intensified during the pandemic.


Our journey continues…

A Brief History of Stef & Philips


The beginning

Established by Chris Philippou as a property management company servicing north London


Switching our focus

Providing new and refurbished quality accommodation, responding to the high demand from local council authorities


Set new goals

We aim to build 300 units per year


We have delivered

More than 7,500 homes to tenants and nearly 2,800 units in operation


We are currently building

1,350 units within Greater London, which will be made available in the next twelve months

Our Philosophy

We specialise in providing accommodation services to local authorities, housing associations and charities. Our philosophy is based on three key principles: integrity, client care and professionalism.

We have developed properties, systems and an extensive package of services that meet the needs of tenants and the organisations we work with.



We take pride in operating with complete integrity and being a team you can trust. We employ dedicated staff and we never compromise on our ideals. All of our employees adhere to an internally consistent code of shared values.

Client Care

The nature of our business means that client service can be more complex than other sectors. We endeavour to provide clients with quality accommodation that fits their personal needs. Our proactive approach means we evolve our services quickly to meet the changing requirements of tenants and clients.


We provide high-quality services and always do the right thing – even when it means going the extra mile. We operate with honesty and transparency, hold ourselves accountable for our actions and always support those we work with.

Our Mission


Our Vision

To be the Primary Provider of Accommodation Services for Councils, Housing Associations and Charities

Our Services

Each local authority has specific needs, which are addressed by initiating different types of housing schemes.

Every scheme varies in terms of property type, service needs, support needs and the rate each local authority can pay. We work with local authorities all over the UK.

Our ethos is to work closely with our clients to supply suitable, affordable accommodation and support services. These include:

Management and Maintenance
Check-In Procedures
Cleaning Services
House Officer Visits
24-Hour Contact Number
Mother and Baby Welcome Pack
Notice Board Information
Advice Services
Regular Communications
CRB/DBS-Checked Staff

Where We Operate

Stef & Philips is one of the leading providers of accommodation services for organisations across the UK.

We currently operate in seven locations:
Coventry, Essex, Hertfordshire, London, Luton, Peterborough and Warrington.

Our goals are to:

  • Build, develop and provide housing for people in the UK with specific requirements
  • Invest in homes and communities to improve our tenants’ lives and their neighbourhoods
  • Work with many local authorities to meet the need for accommodation and services
  • Understand that every tenant is different and support them accordingly 
  • Make progress towards our ambitious long-term objective of ending homelessness
Local authorities partners
Properties nationwide

Our Properties Offer

Suitable accommodation
Suitability of properties considered and/or designed by in-house architects
We commit to building and refurbishing homes to a high standard
En-suite facilities
Many of our developments feature appropriate en-suite facilities
New fixtures
New fixtures and fittings, furniture, wiring, plumbing and appliances
Energy-efficient Installations
We aim to provide energy-efficient installations
Fully compliant with regulations
Fully compliant with all building regulations and safety procedures