What our Clients Are Saying About Us

We are committed to providing a professional service with a personal touch. Whether you are an individual, family or corporate client, you will be treated with the same level of courtesy, care and respect. This is how we have always operated. 

Read what some of our most valued clients say about us

Janet Watson-White
Groundwork London
My team were so impressed by your passion, determination, energy, openness, and frankness. You absolutely make a difference with each and every one of your clients.
Tomas Gorecki
October 24, 2020
Excellent service. Very quick in responding to my maintenance problem and getting it fixed. Thank you!
Helen Brady
September 21, 2020
My partner and I recently moved. The service we received from the S&P team has been very efficient – all queries are responded to within a couple of hours and any issues fixed and resolved. Thanks, guys.
Caroline Connor
May 16, 2020
I was staying in a shelter for a long time, but was then placed in a HMO and it has changed my life. I really like the people I’m living with, the communal areas are kept clean and tidy, and the gardens have meant we’ve had outdoor space to use during lockdown. Feeling grateful.
Paul Shimer
March 1, 2020
Kind staff and very organised. They keep on top of everything, especially maintenance-related issues.
Catherine Lowman
February 10, 2020
My experience as a Stef & Philips tenant has been very positive. They answer the phone without issue, and deal with questions politely and professionally. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.