Housing and Support for Young People and Families

We provide properties that are conveniently located, close to local amenities and suitably equipped to meet the needs of young people/care leavers and vulnerable youngsters.

We have accommodation specifically designated for care leavers, with the added benefit of support packages where required. For those without support, our dedicated housing officers are on hand to provide low-level support at no extra cost and assist in the transitional period. We ensure they are consistent in maintaining contact throughout the term of a stay.

Family accommodation is handled on a case-by-case basis, where we assess the individual needs of each family. We work very closely with local authorities and family/children’s services to ensure that, where possible, we provide accommodation to those who need it most in their local communities.

In Coventry, for example, 100% of all 128 units are Coventry residents.

Families have access to high-level housing officer support, and we keep up-to-date contact details for social workers. If a housing officer has any concerns, inspections will be carried out more regularly, and we will make safeguarding referrals where necessary.

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