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Our Philosophy

BY david

From day one, we have been determined to be more than just a property company. Our mantra is to provide enhanced support to tenants from a range of challenging backgrounds and our staff are committed to treating people with the utmost respect, care and understanding.


We specialise in providing accommodation services to local authorities, housing associations and charities. Our philosophy is based on three key principles: integrity, client care and professionalism.


We have developed properties, systems and an extensive package of services that meet the needs of tenants and the organisations we work with.



We take pride in operating with complete integrity and being a team you can trust. We employ dedicated staff and we never compromise on our ideals. All of our employees adhere to an internally consistent code of shared values.


Client care

The nature of our business means that client service can be more complex than other sectors. We endeavour to provide clients with quality accommodation that fits their personal needs. Our proactive approach means we evolve our services quickly to meet the changing requirements of tenants and clients.



We provide high-quality services and always do the right thing – even when it means going the extra mile. We operate with honesty and transparency, hold ourselves accountable for our actions and always support those we work with.


Today, we have built more than 2,780 units and delivered homes to more than 7,500 tenants. We are proud of that achievement and we will continue to work with local authorities, communities and charitable organisations to help people from around the UK get the support they need.


However, there is still a huge amount for us to do and the problems facing the housing market have only intensified during the pandemic. Our journey continues…