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Q&A with our intrepid fundraising cyclist, Fabio Rosa

BY david

We caught up with our intrepid adventurer, Fabio Rosa, for a Q&A to discuss his motivations for cycling an incredible 105 miles to raise money for Young Cancer vs Cancer.


Hi Fabio, first of all, congratulations on such a herculean effort, how did the ride go?
Thanks, the ride went well, it was quite a challenge and luckily nothing went wrong. I was pleased with my efforts when I completed the distance.


You must be a keen cyclist to even attempt such a journey?
I think it’s fair to say that bicycles and cycling are two of my biggest passions; I try and spend as much time in the saddle as I can.


Was there a lot of planning involved in such a long trip?
As this was not an organised cycling event I had to figure out my route and navigate via GPS. I did some training in advance to build up my stamina at home on my Turbo Trainer (static exercise bike). Otherwise, it was a case of being prepared, taking the right equipment to sort out any punctures and mechanical problems, and having plenty of snacks/fluids to keep my body fuelled and hydrated.


Did you undertake the ride as part of an organised event or were you riding solo?
I was riding solo. It would have been nice to have some company to share in the adventure, but I was kept busy by navigating and enjoying the view.


Did you have a fundraising target you were looking to hit and how have you done?
I initially set an achievable target of £150, which to my surprise I quickly smashed thanks to the generosity of my work colleagues. To date, I’ve raised over £800, more than five times my initial target. It’s brilliant and I’m delighted that this money will go to such a worthy cause.


What made you decide to do this in the first place?
I have been keen to challenge myself with a long-distance bike ride for a while, and when I saw the #Challenge60 campaign on social media I signed up straight away.


Most people know someone who has been affected by cancer. Do you have any personal connection to the Young Lives vs Cancer charity?
Sadly, I have close friends that have been affected by cancer and my partner also works for a cancer charity. So, I have plenty of inspiration to draw upon to motivate me to get involved and try to make a difference.


Do you have any future cycling ambitions that you care to share?
I would love the opportunity to challenge myself to a longer distance cycle ride for charity. To do 250 miles straight would be tough, but having conquered 100 miles it is something I feel I can work towards. Watch this space.


A herculean effort Fabio, well done. We look forward to hearing more inspiring tales of endurance from you in the future.