Our journey so far

Stef & Philips began life in 2006 as a traditional family-run estate agent, servicing private tenants and landlords in North London. But the UK’s urgent need for good quality social housing had a profound impact on our Founder and CEO, Chris Philippou. In 2012 he acted on that need, and we now operate UK-wide with over 4000 accommodation units, 5500 tenants and counting.

We believe everyone deserves a safe place to call home. Right now though the UK’s housing crisis is getting worse, with homelessness forecast to double over the next 25 years.* We’re committed to changing that trend, combining profit with purpose.

Much has changed since we first opened our doors. But not everything. Our roots as a family business remain at the core of who we are, as do the values that go with it, and our commitment to helping vulnerable people get the housing help they need.

*Source: Shelter

Our mission

At Stef & Philips, we strive to make the lives of vulnerable people safer and more secure. We do this by delivering safe, suitable homes and vital services for tenants, authorities and partners, while providing secure investments for private and corporate investors.

Care is at our core

Our mission extends far beyond just bricks and mortar, with a commitment to offer the highest standards of service and support to those who rely on us. Our portfolio of managed properties includes HMOs, flats and houses, all remodelled and refurbished to the very highest specifications – a firm foundation for our tenants to build the better lives they deserve.

The unacceptable scale of homelessness

More and more accommodation is being deemed unsuitable for housing the homeless and vulnerable. The National Housing Federation says “England alone needs 340,000 new homes built a year, including 145,000 social and affordable homes but we are not achieving targets.”** In London alone, 60,000 homes are currently needed: by 2041, this will have risen to 184,000. Alongside this, we’re seeing a constant increase in rough sleeping and a dramatic rise in unsuitable temporary accommodation.

**Source: The National Housing Federation

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Our Values

At Stef & Philips, our values are central to our ethos. They
guide everything we do.

It’s clear that the most vulnerable members of our society need help. By bringing together private investors, local authorities, charities and housing associations in a spirit of trust and a shared commitment to improving tenants’ lives, we’ve created a versatile, end-to-end model that delivers fit-for-purpose accommodation and services – a setting where people can begin to thrive again.

Life at Stef & Philips

Everyone working at Stef & Philips has the same mission: to make the lives of vulnerable people safer and more secure. Does this sound like you?

How we work: a closer look

Our full service approach is unique. All work is carried out by dedicated in-house teams to ensure reliable, high-quality service.

The process begins with private or institutional investors looking for a positive social impact. Once we’ve helped them to source and acquire the right property, our construction arm remodels and refurbishes it to our exacting quality standards. We also sign a lease with the investor to handle lettings, management and maintenance, while protecting their capital and yields.

This approach has earned us the trust of over 60 housing partners (local authorities, charities and housing associations) who know they can rely on our standards of quality and social responsibility.

Our accreditations

Our senior team

Meet the full team

Since the day I checked in my very first tenants, I have been committed to putting their needs at the heart of everything we do. Everyone deserves a safe place to call home and I am so proud that our entire team cares deeply and every day goes above and beyond to ensure we provide the best possible accommodation and support to all of our service users.

Chris Philippou

Founder and CEO

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