A wide range of accommodation and vital services

Our portfolio includes more than 3800 units including HMO’s, flats, houses and sites. Every property is refurbished and remodelled to our exacting standards and supports both temporary/emergency and move on (PRS) accommodation. Our specialist schemes and services provide support for a wide range of community needs including; adapted units, care leavers, mother and baby, domestic violence victims and more.

Adapted units

We offer adapted properties in HMOs, flats and family-sized units to meet individuals’ specific needs. These include wheelchair accessibility and necessary adaptations for the partially-sighted or individuals with hearing difficulties.

Care leavers

We provide accommodation and on-site support for 18-25-year-olds living on their own for the first time. Our specialist team assists care leavers with building confidence and developing the necessary skills to live independently, such as managing finances and housekeeping.

Mother and baby

Our portfolio includes units specifically designed to support young women who are pregnant or have young children. We ensure that mothers and expectant mothers are placed in larger units equipped with everything they need, from cots to cooking facilities.

Domestic violence victims

Victims of domestic violence need specialist accommodation to ensure their safety. Collaborating closely with local authorities and support workers, we provide male/female-only accommodation, dedicated housing officers and specialist emergency numbers.

Rough sleepers

We provide accommodation for rough sleepers and some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Our properties are self-contained, furnished, and benefit from en-suite shower rooms with a toilet and washing facilities. We also work closely with charities and organisations to offer further support packages.

Investors who care

All our schemes are made possible by investors who are looking for secure investments that have a guaranteed return and a positive impact on society. With more investors interested in making a difference, we are able to develop schemes and programmes that are truly life-changing.

Where we operate

Stef & Philips provides temporary, emergency and PRS accommodation to housing partners across the UK.

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