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property ownership

for private investors.

Min guaranteed return 6.5%

Invest in Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs)
and enjoy a robust and reliable investment yield.

Stef & Philips will source, remodel, let, manage and maintain the property. Investors retain 100% freehold ownership, receive monthly rent and a guaranteed income, while helping provide desperately-needed housing.

Positive impact. Positive returns.

Why invest with
Stef & Philips?

We have been a leading provider of quality accommodation for over 15 years. We manage a property portfolio worth over £600m on behalf of more than 200 investors, have contracts with 60+ UK councils, and currently house close to 10,000 tenants.

As an investor, you will benefit from:

100% freehold ownership

Guaranteed income: up to 12-year lease terms, minimum 6.5% returns

Guaranteed monthly rent paid directly into your account, whether the property is occupied or not

No management fees, maintenance costs, utility bills or council tax: all covered by Stef & Philips

Fully-managed service

Our full-service solution for stress-free investing

  • Investment
  • Sourcing
  • Construction
  • Lettings
  • Service & maintenance


We work with private individuals and corporate entities who want secure investments delivering a guaranteed return and positive impact on society. Each investment is matched to the appropriate scheme and our dedicated team oversees all ongoing management and maintenance; this is a genuinely stress-free addition to your portfolio.


We aim to give you the most efficient and seamless experience possible: from sourcing the property, to handling all aspects of negotiation and overseeing the purchase to completion. This includes a thorough feasibility study and property report to ensure you are making a solid investment.


Our professional and dedicated team works full-time on the design, remodelling and construction of each property, to convert it into an HMO. Every room is equipped with ensuite facilities, as well as new fixtures and fittings, furniture, wiring, plumbing, appliances and internet throughout the property.


We work directly with local authorities, charities and housing associations, and take responsibility for the entire lettings process. The lease agreement is directly between you and us; once the HMO conversion is complete the rental income starts, and is guaranteed for the term of the lease - whether the property is occupied or not.


We work full time to service and maintain each property to a high standard. Our experienced field team is available 24/7 to maintain and service the properties, including regular cleaning services, weekly visits from a Housing Officer, and support services for tenants with specialised needs such as young adults and mother and baby.

Working together to help
end homelessness.

The housing crisis is getting worse. There are currently around 160,000 households experiencing homelessness in England; this is forecast to continue growing – and almost double – over the next 25 years.

More and more accommodation is being deemed unsuitable for housing the homeless and vulnerable, and there is an absence of targeted and effective measures to address this critical issue. Alongside this scarcity of affordable housing, we are seeing a constant increase in rough sleeping and a dramatic rise in unsuitable temporary accommodation.

The most vulnerable members of our society need help. We offer them a lifeline by providing safe, secure housing: a first step to getting back on their feet.

Source: Crisis Report

Everyone deserves a safe
place to call home

Our seven-step investment process

Step one.

Source property

We identify a suitable property, to match the scale of your investment.

Step two.

Feasibility study

Our detailed cost breakdown covers purchase and renovation costs, rent guarantee and projected annual net yield.

Step three.

Confirm investment

A full property report is carried out by our structural engineers/architects for your approval.

Step four.

Negotiate purchase

We negotiate the purchase price on your behalf.

Step five.

Lease agreement

Up to 12-year lease agreement, with guaranteed rental income, signed between you and Stef & Philips.

Step six.

Convert property

We manage the full renovation to convert the property into an HMO that meets our high standards.

Step seven.

Letting income received

Guaranteed monthly rent is paid directly into your account.

For investors who want to make a positive impact.

Speak to our team to understand how social property investing could work for you

Our commitment
to quality

At Stef & Philips, we design, construct and manage HMO properties to the highest standards, benefitting investors and tenants alike. We are committed to providing high-quality housing and maintaining this level of service throughout the duration of the lease, through our fully- managed service.

Stef & Philips have been managing and letting properties for me for over 5 years. I started with 1 and now have 7 properties with them. It has been completely hassle-free and has allowed me to focus on my career, while enjoying a reliable income and building wealth for the future.

Dr Rupinder Sihdu


Frequently asked

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Who retains control of the property?

Ownership of the property always remains with you, the investor.

Who benefits from the property’s capital growth?

An increase in the value of the property benefits you, the investor, as the 100% owner of the freehold.

During void periods, who is at risk of losing income?

Rent payments are guaranteed by Stef & Philips for the duration of the lease and any loss of rent during void periods is assumed by us.

What happens after the contract period expires?

You can take back management of your property or negotiate a new contract with us.

Why choose to invest with Stef & Philips?

Stef & Philips provides hassle-free property investment with a guaranteed high-yield return. This is supported by a full service team and strong, established relationships with local authorities, charities and housing associations.

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