Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour refers to actions or behaviours that disrupt or harm the well-being, safety and peaceful coexistence of individuals within a community. When exhibited by tenants or residents, anti-social behaviour can have a negative impact on the neighbours and the broader community, as well as lead to an increase in serious crimes. While encouraging tenants to be understanding of other people’s lifestyles, it is important to remain conscious of what kind of behaviour is not acceptable.

What is considered anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviours can include one-off or repeated cases of:
• verbal abuse
• noise nuisance
• harassment, intimidation or threatening behaviour
• hate-related incidents based on race, sexual orientation or religion
• pet and animal nuisance, including the fouling of public areas
• alcohol, drugs, substance abuse and drug dealing
• domestic and physical violence
• graffiti, vandalism and hooliganism
• litter, rubbish and fly-tipping
• neighbour and garden nuisance
• misuse of communal areas and public space
• prostitution, sexual acts and kerb-crawling
• other criminal behaviour or crime not stated above.

What is not considered anti-social behaviour?

Examples of behaviours that are usually not classified as anti-social:
• everyday living noises, such as children playing or household smells
• expression of personal opinions and engaging in respectful discussions
• minor misunderstandings
• religious or cultural practices (as long as they are legal and do not infringe on the well-being of others)

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