9th January 2024 | Author - Staff Writer
Success at the Stef & Philips Foundation!


The launch of The Stef & Philips Foundation on 4th December 2023 has been a resounding success! From the opening of the first funding round that same day, to closure of the first round on Monday 8th January 2024, we received over 50 applications for funding support.


The charity was created to provide additional support by way of grants to individuals and families living in temporary and emergency accommodation. Founded by Stef & Philips, the Foundation provides grant support that initially focuses on London, as the area identified as having the greatest current homelessness need.


Grants take the form of either project grants up to £2,000 or individual grants up to £200 and could be used on anything that enriches the lives and needs of the people involved, for example clothing, cooking essentials, courses, bedding or play equipment.

The creation of the Foundation whose vision, ‘A Brighter Future for individuals and families living in temporary and emergency accommodation’, is of paramount importance to the organisation, as we have witnessed first-hand the devastating impact of homelessness on both adults and children.

The inaugural project of the Foundation, the ‘Toys for Joy’ appeal, set out a goal to give each child living in Stef & Philips’ sites a toy for Christmas, and we were delighted to be able to smash that target!

The final tally was 700 wrapped and bundled toys, allowing us not only to gift our priority children - plus the young adults in our Leaving Care Programme, but some additional presents were donated to two other local charities, Ambition, Aspire, Achieve (AAA) Charity and the Evolve Shelter in South London.

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