27th October 2023 | Author - Staff Writer
Stef & Philips celebrates empowering young adults through its Leaving Care programme.

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This Care Leavers’ Week (25 October-1 November), specialist accommodation services provider Stef & Philips is celebrating the success of its Leaving Care Programme in supporting young people who have transitioned out of the care system.

For the past six years, this project, which has been running in Merton, Southwest London, has provided housing and skills support for individuals aged 18-25 years of age, who have either been in the care system or have refugee status. The programme empowers them to transition from supported to independent living and to help them flourish in society after leaving care.

The programme provides accommodation and customised support to help them learn essential skills they may not have learnt in their home life such as, promoting healthy eating, managing budgets, completing job and benefit applications, creating positive relationships, managing stress, personal hygiene and cleaning and maintaining their accommodation.

The supported accommodation is provided in a house with 5-6 other young adults going through the same transition, allowing them to build the skills and the confidence to embrace independent living when they are ready to move on to their own accommodation.

The programme emphasises the development of emotional stability and social responsibility, equipping young adults with the tools needed for a successful, positive, and independent future.

Deborah Johnson, Director of Business Development, at Stef & Philips, said:

“According to Barnardo’s, more than 10,000 young people leave the care system each year in England, and many of them need support to live independently and develop coping mechanisms to deal with the realities of life. Our programme was specially designed to support young adults who may have experienced unpredictability and change in their young lives, and to give them stability, support, and an opportunity to thrive in the future.

“From working with our young people to teach them about healthy eating to career and education opportunities, running this programme allows us to work directly with people where we can really make a difference.”

One young person, who has received support through the Leaving Care Programme, said:

“I really want to say thank you for every single thing you’ve done for me. There are no words that can explain it. So, many things changed in my life after I moved to your property and met you guys. You have really supported me through a lot of things.”

The Stef & Philips' COO added:

“Our service is crucial for young adults who may not have had good relationships with other adults in their lives and provides them with an opportunity to learn new ways of overcoming negative experiences.

“We know that there is a growing need for accommodation and support for young people leaving care. Inside Housing reports that care leavers are sadly at much greater risk of becoming homeless, with data from Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) showing that 26% of the homeless population in England had spent time in care.

“We recognise just how important our Leaving Care Programme is, and we hope that we are able to offer these vital services more widely going forward.”

Stef & Philips has plans to expand the Leaving Care Programme to other boroughs in London, ensuring that more young adults have access to quality housing and the necessary support to pave the way for a successful future.

For more information about Stef & Philips and its services, please call 020 88828372.

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